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Can we get the best to teach us for free?

It all started with a dream. A dream to learn acting from Bollywood superstar, Kangana Ranaut. A dream of an ambitious Indian millennial, Aarti Kumar. So we thought what if Aarti could learn acting from Kangana? What if we ALL could learn from the best for FREE ? So we built Xpert & took it upon ourselves to do the impossible. To turn celebrities to teachers and fans to students.

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For me, beauty is about a natural-looking woman who wears makeup but wears it so cleverly that it doesn’t actually show. She’s also somebody who carries herself with a lot of confidence, not just someone who’s pretty, but who also has a lot of character. For me…that defines beauty.

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During Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi. The cap (he wore in the film) became very popular. Everyone was buying that cap. That was the first time I noticed it (that he was a star). Though the first time I sensed it was after QSQT. People would just come everywhere to see me; I couldn’t walk on the road. I did a successful film, but I didn’t have a car. I used to travel by autorickshaw or bus, but after a point, I couldn’t. So I used to ask my uncle can I borrow your car, I have to go somewhere and there are people everywhere I go.

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To be a fashion photographer one needs to learn to experiment and to be open to learning. Irrespective of one’s genre of specialization in photography, every photographer needs to see and experience how life pulsates in the universe before one can start making images. Also, a great way of augmenting one’s skills is to assist a photographer, as there aren’t many schools in India. By assisting one get to learn ‘hands on’ and also understand the workings of the industry.