Presenting India’s Global Chef – Vicky Ratnani!

Vicky Ratnani, the lovable, cheery and witty chef who has won our hearts on TV with his entertaining shows did not have it planned to become a chef. Born and brought up in Mumbai, he graduated with a degree in commerce, though he was never really keen on joining his father’s textile business. He ended up joining IHM and was fascinated by the culinary aspects of the hospitality industry. In his second year he discovered his love for cooking, and he hasn’t looked back since.

With some encouragement along the way, Vicky trained at top tier hotels like The Oberoi and The Leela before going on to work on board the world’s most prestigious ocean liners, heading the kitchen and working with people from almost 40 nationalities.

On his return to India, Vicky took charge of restaurants like Aurus and Nido’s, created some revolutionary dishes and made the restaurants rank among the best eateries in the country. His cooking style focuses on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. He considers himself an ‘experimenter’ with tastes and flavours and introduced to Indian diners the concept of molecular gastronomy.

Obsessed with travelling and exploring the world, Vicky discovers the best of local flavours in far flung corners of the world, infusing them into his own recipes and creating dishes that are an instant hit with whoever is fortunate to try them out.


A charming television personality, Vicky’s shows are fun-filled and enriching. He is a versatile chef who is equally at ease cooking European dishes as he is with Indian food. He made his first appearance on TV alongside Maria Goretti on the show Do It Sweet, a show all about desserts which aired on NDTV Good Times and turned out to be his most memorable till date.

He then went vegetarian for three whole months for his show Vicky Goes Veg, where he took vegetarianism to an art form. The show became widely popular and a second season was produced. A cookbook of the same name containing Vicky’s vegetarian recipes was also published.

In his show Vicky Goes Desi, he creates lip-smacking and flavoursome Indian dishes with his own unique twist. He modernises Indian cuisine in the show, with each dish a celebration of our country’s culinary heritage.

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How Vicky Ratnani’s TV Shows Made Him A Household Name

A self professed explorer and lover of flavour and taste, celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani has become a household name with his tastefully unique and easygoing approach to food. Known for his charm and his wit, he is a chef with a difference. Vicky’s love for food stemmed from his mother’s cooking. Despite being a commerce graduate, he did not want to join his father’s textile business and joined IHM Mumbai. It was only in his second year that he discovered his love for cooking. And the rest, as they say, is history.


Vicky Ratnani’s recipes are modern and enticing, and his TV shows are testament to his passion. He made his first TV appearance alongside Maria Goretti on Do It Sweet, a show which featured some of the most delectable desserts on NDTV Good Times, which he says is his most memorable show.

He also demonstrated his own inimitable take on vegetarian food on the show called Vicky Goes Veg for which Vicky is said to have had only vegetarian food for three months! The show, which too aired on NDTV Good Times, was very well received by the Indian audience, and Vicky says it was a “life changing experience”. Owing to its immense popularity, a cookbook of the same name has also been published, and a second season of the show is also been aired, much to viewers’ delight. Vicky has hosted a number of other shows including Vickypedia, Vicky Goes Desi and Vicky Goes Foreign.

Vicky toured Australia extensively, discovering its culture and cuisine in his recent show, Taste Down Under, which aired on Living Foodz. The show, which was a collaboration between Living Foodz and Tourism Australia, brought to the Indian audience the beauty of Australia’s landscape and its various sights, sounds and flavours, further strengthening the country’s reputation as a food and adventure destination.

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