A Petition To Learn

When she was 14, Aarti accidentally landed a spot in a school play. Charming,unassuming and talented, she captured the heart of the audience. That day a passing interest in acting turned to a hobby and finally an obsession.

Aarti is now a 23 year old makeup artist living in Mumbai. In her limited free time, she auditions for roles, freelances as a model and watches old movies of her favourite actresses . She is doing whatever it takes to get recognized and realize her dream of becoming an actress.

Whenever Aarti auditions for a new role she steels herself as she prepares to give it her all on stage. The story of her favourite actress, Kangana Ranaut inspires her constantly. Kangana, like Aarti, started from nothing. With no industry connections, Kangana made it big on the basis of her own talent, ability and willingness to risk it all.

When a friend told Aarti about Xpert, she could hardly believe her ears. Heart thumping, she scrolled across the website and found she could request a class from any celebrity she wanted. Without wasting a second, she immediately requested a class from Kangana Ranaut and wrote down everything she wished to learn. Aarti knew this was her golden chance to receive the access and guidance she desperately needed from an industry insider.

She shared the petition across her friend circle and social media asking people to sign up . But she also knew, she can’t do this alone.Aarti needs your help . She and all other aspiring actors who dream of making it on the silver screen. Stand with them . Sign the petition.


Twinkle Signs Up To Follow Her Dreams

We at Xpert have a dream to make learning from the best absolutely free for all.

We have a dream to turn celebrities to teachers and fans to students.

We have a dream that the youth of the country today does not lack access or guidance in their pursuit for success.

We realized we are on the right path again today when we received our first sign up. A simple sign for some, major encouragement for us at Xpert. The encouragement that we are indeed moving in the right direction to help people like Twinkle Dugar, who was our first sign up realize her dreams. A 22-year-old intern at a finance firm,  she yearns to be taught by her idol, Vikas Khanna. Twinkle identifies with him, relates with his struggles and finds his cooking techniques bar none. Like her idol, Twinkle too has been cooking with her grandmother at an early age and finds exceptional joy in reinventing classics with local Indian ingredients. But in this world, they will probably never meet. We at Xpert think it is a big loss. And want to make her and the dreams of all the aspiring chefs real. Stand with Twinkle. Sign the petition.

A dream. An Idea. A movement.

We are millennials. Born in an India that is free, connected and mobile, we’ve been spoilt for choice.  We can order a cab at our doorstep, stream any content we prefer, follow anyone we admire. But we can’t really choose our teachers.  


So we wondered, why not.

Why not get the best in their field to teach?

Why not transform them into our teachers ?

Why not connect every student with their dream teacher ?

Why not empower everyone to learn from the best ?


So we built Xpert. A platform that offers FREE Online Classes that transform celebrities from idols to teachers & motivates fans to pursue their passions.

FREE Classes by Xperts ? On first thought, it seemed like a joke. Would Sachin actually share his cover drive technique? Would Shah Rukh even agree? Could our small team from Kolkata lacking industry privilege even get noticed?


So we wondered what if ?

What if we built a nation wide army of Interns?

What if with that army, we aggregate enough student support ?

What if with that support, we manage to convince our Xpert ?

What if we actually manage to pull it off ?


With your support we can realize our dream. Reserve your seat for a class, become a sponsor, or join our team.


What if we make learning from the best FREE for all ?

– Sharad Lunia, Ideator