Rathika Ramasamy: The First Woman Wildlife Photographer Of The Country now on Xpert

“Every time I press the shutter, it takes me one step closer to Mother Nature”- Rathika Ramasamy.


Rathika Ramasamy is inarguably one of India’s best wildlife photographers. Named as the first female wildlife photographer of India, Rathika’s work has been appreciated worldwide. She has been featured in several national and international publications including National Geographic Traveller India, Better Photography, Sanctuary Asia, Smart photography, Discover India, Travel and Flavors, Fotowide among others.

A computer engineer graduate from SRM Engineering College, Madras University and an MBA, Rathika’s journey to becoming a successful wildlife photographer is not an ordinary one. From choosing a different career path for herself to breaking gender stereotypes related to her profession, Rathika has conquered every difficulty with her passion. Her work portrays her love for wildlife, especially birds.

rathika-ramasamyIt all started when she was gifted her first camera by her uncle and she visited a bird sanctuary in Bharatpur to click some pictures. There was no looking back after that. She taught herself the basic technicalities related to photography and started to spend time in the wild. She soon became a regular visitor of well known national parks of India.

Rathika was named the first female wildlife photographer of India. She believes in having a subject in her photographs. to predict and prepare for that perfect shot, she spends time observing the patterns and behaviours of the wildlife. Rathika has a soft spot for bird photography. Her camera gracefully captures the variety in colours, features and beauty of animals.

She is a member of the Nikon’s Professional services and has been among the founding members of the Photography Arts Association of India. In 2015, she received the International Camera Fair (ICF) award for her excellence in wildlife photography. She has been the jury member of various photography competitions and conducts workshops across the country from time to time.

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