Our Values

Our idols are our Best Teachers

We look up to our favourite idols and want to emulate them in their behaviour, their work, their style, their personality. Our respect for them makes us highly receptive to what they have to say, getting us to learn a lot from them. Even subconsciously, they inspire us daily to become better versions of ourselves.

Experiences are Life Changing

Our experiences shape our lives, and our professional experiences can benefit others equally. By knowing others’ journeys, we not only get the guidance we’re desperately searching for, but also relate to individuals more deeply to believe that even we can do what they’re doing, we can be where they are.

Sharing knowledge is a duty

It’s our responsibility as fellow beings to share our knowledge with each other. Our experiences prove to be more valuable when shared with each other. People value experience and as far as professions go, no experience was a waste. Whether you’re a newbie, at the top of your game or anywhere in the middle, your stories can pose value to anyone.

Anyone can learn from the best

The internet is one place where your location, social or economic background, does not matter. We believe that with this access to everyone, comes the responsibility of the company to add value to society. We want to do our best in empowering each individual with knowledge, skill and inspiration.

Addiction should be productive, not destructive

We are addicted to social media, to knowing what random people are doing every minute of their life, to mindlessly double tapping at every picture we see. Instead of fighting this addiction we’d rather channelise it positively, leaving us more productive and inspired.